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Woodbury, New York| 7755 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury, New York 11797
Hotel Policies

Hotel Policies To Note:

Hotel's Check In Time: 3:00 pm

(Day of Arrival)

Hotel's Check Out Time: 11:00 AM

(Day of Departure)

Hotel Rates:

Rates are based upon double occupancy. There is an added charge of $25.00 for additional guests, eleven (11) and up. No more than four persons may occupy a suite. Royal Suites are intended for a maximum of two occupants.


The Inn At Fox Hollow requires guests wishing to pay for their stay in cash to provide a valid credit card or debit card upon check-in. The Hotel must be able to secure authorization on the credit card or debit card for the estimated charges that may be incurred throughout one's stay. Upon one's departure/check-out, the Hotel will accept cash as a final method of payment. If all applicable charges are covered in the cash payment, the credit card or debit card will not be charged. The authorization will be released, which may take between five (5) and ten (10) business days. Cash paying guests are responsible for requesting and securing receipts as proof of payment.

Discounted Rates and Promotions:

All discounted rate plans and special promotions may not be combined with any other promotion or rate plan. All discounted rates and promotions are subject to change without prior notice unless one contracts (blocks) a specific discounted rate. All discounted rates and promotions must be booked in advance (prior to arrival) for them to be put in place.

Non-Party Clause:

The Inn At Fox Hollow has a non-party clause that is applicable to each and every guest. The policy has been put in place to ensure that all of our guests may have a pleasant experience with us throughout their stay. It has also been put in place to ensure that all of our guests remain safe and secure. The Inn At Fox Hollow does not allow the suites to be utilized as gathering space; therefore no more than four people are allowed to occupy a suite at any one time. In addition the Inn does not allow large gatherings to take place throughout all public space (common areas), which includes the Hearth Room and Outdoor Courtyard (all public gathering space is closed at 10:00PM). Guests may not bring in outside food and beverages except for personal use. All outside food and beverage must be kept in one's suite. The Inn's management team reserves the right to request and require that any party and/or gathering come to immediate end. The management team also reserves the right to request and require guests to leave the property immediately if the hotel's policies and procedures are not being followed. The Inn also reserves the right to charge the party responsible for any physical or financial damage (i.e. retribution) that may be a consequence of having and/or hosting an event that the Hotel does not permit. We ask our guests to please contact the front desk by dialing "0" to report any ongoing disturbances. The front desk staff will immediately contact the Manager on Duty, Security and/or the Proper Authorities. Any and all events must be prescheduled and approved (i.e. contracted) by the banquet and catering department within the Hotel. The banquet and catering department may schedule and contract out a private meeting room where a function may take place. The banquet and catering department may provide guests with a variety of food and beverage options. Any and all terms agreed upon will be outlined in a contract and/or a Banquet Event Order. No large quantities of food and beverage may be brought into the Hotel, except for personal use within an individual suite. The employees of The Inn At Fox Hollow are obligated and designated to make decisions for the Hotel to maintain and uphold its policies, procedures and overall integrity.

Meal Periods:

The meal periods are intended for registered, paying guests of the Hotel only. The Hotel accommodates various market segments throughout the year, including the corporate, leisure, social and extended stay guest. It is impossible for the Hotel to accommodate outside guests during meal periods when it is accommodating all of its in-house guests. We ask that all guests respect the policies of the Hotel, which does not permit outside guests during meal periods. If in fact an outside guest is brought into the Hotel to participate in a meal or take up a seat during a designated meal period, a fee of $20.00 per person will apply for breakfast and a fee of $35.00 for dinner (plus applicable taxes). If one is interested in having outside guests join them at the Hotel, it is highly recommended that one contacts the Hotel's banquet and catering department to reserve and contract a private room banquet room and to secure a private dining menu. Various options exist for catered events. Thank you!

Pet Policy:

The Inn currently allows guests to bring their dogs in the Hotel. The Inn has a strict Pet Policy that our pet owners must follow in order to ensure that all of our guests enjoy their stay in maximum comfort. In summary, the Inn only allows dogs under thirty (30) pounds to stay at the Hotel and guests may only have one (1) dog per room. Guests are responsible for an initial fee of $150.00 (nonrefundable) in addition to a $15.00 per night fee throughout one's stay (plus applicable taxes). Ultimately guests are responsible for all the actions of their pets. This includes any and all damage to the Hotel (physically and financially). Be sure to contact the Hotel in advance in regards to your pet. The Hotel reserves and maintains the right to charge a guest for not adhering to the entire Pet Policy.
***Pets are not permitted in the hotel's Royal Suites. Need professional pet care? Please visit www.whimsicalpet.com.

Cancellation & Suite Type:

The Inn At Fox Hollow has a twenty-four hour advance notice policy that it adheres to. A one (1) night room charge (plus applicable charges) will apply to all accounts if a cancellation is made within twenty-four hours of the designated arrival (i.e. check-in) time (3:00PM EST). Please note that the Inn attempts to meet all reasonable requests, however, suite types may not be guaranteed due to the high occupancy the Hotel typically runs and the customers it caters to (i.e. extended stay).

Non-Smoking Policy:

As of January 1st, 2008 The Inn is officially smoke free! Guests that smoke in a nonsmoking room will be charged $250.00 (plus applicable taxes) for deep cleaning service. They will also be responsible for any losses or damage the Hotel may suffer. Guests that want to smoke should consider renting a Courtyard Studio Suite for direct access to the outdoor courtyard, as smoking is permitted outside of the Hotel.

Private Property:

The Inn At Fox Hollow is private property and the management team along with all employees are obligated and designated to make decisions for the Hotel to maintain and uphold its policies, procedures and overall integrity.